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Hydropower Plants

Hydropower Plants

The growing population and the simultaneous Endeavour to improve living conditions lead to the development of new, fascinating and challenging projects in all fields of infrastructure.

The worldwide increase in energy demand and the consumption of fossil fuel, together with the ensuing environmental problems, give new impetus to the production of electricity from hydropower, and thus to the use of renewable energy resources as an environmentally friendly form of power generation.
Dams are constructed for hydropower plants, irrigation and drinking water purposes and flood retention schemes.

River interventions are determined by the intended purpose, the possible construction options, the ecological conditions and the economic efficiency.

M.M.E.C renders comprehensive engineering services for:

  • Hydropower plants
    •    Low-head plants
    •    High-head plants
    •    Run-of-river plants


  • Storage power plants
  • Pumped storage plants
  • Dams and weirs
  • River engineering works