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Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy

PEC specializes in the out-of-the-ordinary. Our expertise and commitment to comprehensive planning, design, fabrication, and quality standards give you nuclear solutions that ensure safe, secure, and quality outcomes. From enhancing capacity, increasing efficiency, modernizing technology, and securing facilities, our team of trusted experts provides the innovation for you to realize the greatest possible value – your project done right the first time.
Solutions for:

  • Radioactive materials processing, handling, research, development
  • Radioactive waste handling, processing, treatment, storage, disposal
  • Nuclear research equipment, systems, facilities, manufacturing systems, treatment systems
  • Design-fabrication and design-build
  • Neutron beam equipment and shielding
  • Hot cells
  • Enclosures and glove boxes
  • Radioactive chemical labs
  • Controlled environment test chambers
  • Commercial nuclear power plant systems and infrastructure
  • Specialized research equipment