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Upstream Facilities

Upstream Facilities

In the oil and gas industry, great emphasis is placed on the efficient and environmentally compatible production and treatment of resources.


The onshore and offshore production facilities include:

  • Processing plants, e.g. CPF & GOSU
  • Gas field and gas-lift compressor stations
  • Oil processing facilities incl. desalination and desulphurisation
  • Gas treatment facilities incl. dehydration and sweetening
  • Produced water treatment facilities incl. desulphurisation
  • Field flow lines, production manifolds and distribution systems incl. pumping stations
  • Water (incl. sea water) and gas re-injection facilities
  • Chemical injection facilities
  • Service water and seawater treatment facilities


Design for Extreme Conditions:

  • Sour gas: up to 30 mol-% H2S & 17 mol-% CO2
  • Heavy oil: 20°API, (Pipelines: 10°API)
  • Produced water: extreme chloride content leading to Ni-Alloys
  • Operations: high pressure & high temperature wells (200°C)
  • Environment: arctic conditions to desert