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Water & WasteWater Treatment Plants

Water & WasteWater Treatment Plants

As a result of the growing utilization of natural water resources and the increasing pollution of the environment, water of inferior quality requiring treatment is often the only solution. Different raw water sources and types of water use necessitate customized water treatment plants.

Waste and wastewater management and disposal are crucial environmental issues of our time. Only if we succeed in minimizing or even preventing potential environmental damage, do we stand a chance of safeguarding our environment and our vital natural resources. Against this backdrop, increasing importance is attached to the reuse of treated wastewater as well as to the recovery of valuable material recycled from wastewater treatment.

 M.M.E.C renders comprehensive engineering services in the following fields:

  • Water treatment plants:

    • Raw water extraction.
    • Raw water transport.
    • Water treatment facilities.
    • Residue and sludge treatment facilities.


  • Wastewater treatment plants:

    • Domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants.
    • Advanced treatment (nutrient removal, filtration).
    • Special treatment technologies (e.g.. elimination of micro pollutants, return liquor treatment, phosphorous recovery, etc.).


  • Sludge treatment plants:

    • Anaerobic and aerobic sludge stabilization.
    • Biogas utilization in combined heat and power plants.
    • Sludge thickening and dewatering.
    • Sludge drying and sludge incineration.